Fadzayi Sango

BA Textile Design
Central Saint Martins

Fadzayi Sango is a textile designer and mix media artist studying at Central St Martins. Her works attempts to consolidate and explore her identity through her exploration of heritage and inherited skills. Fadzayi was taught how to knit by her mother and her classmates in Zimbabwean classrooms resulting knitting becoming her primary creative medium. She also has a fine art background that is explored through the use of mix media paintings, painting and fibre arts.  Textile design, as a craft, allows design and fine art to intersect in an exciting and innovative way that can bring focus to mostly forgotten narratives and aspects of society/culture. Fadzayi is inspired by various subject matter be it personal or narrative formed from a curious observation. Translating 2D research and imagery into knits allows her to create a visual language through texture, colour and pattern.

Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters