Imann Gaye

BA Sculpture
Wimbledon College of Arts

Imann Gaye is a recent BA Sculpture graduate from Wimbledon College of Arts who works with ‘action-sculpture’, documented performance, painting, cast object and installations. Imann has been working with video to create 'action-sculpture' which involve set-up scenarios of objects unfolding themselves in humorous ways. Recently, her practice focuses on body performance using the aesthetics of the white walls as a metaphor to illustrate notions of whiteness within the gallery space. The theatrical use of her blackness is explored to confront conceptions of exoticism and spectacle. Imann is interested in how power operates between the production of images and their representation. Moreover how it continues to affect people’s perception, leading to misrepresentations. By exploring the nature of racial stereotypes she uses her work to reclaim the body.  

Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters