Jawara Alleyne

BA Fashion Design and Marketing
London College of Fashion
Coming from an Afro-Caribbean background with a Christian and Rastafarian upbringing, Jawara found it important to tell his story from his own perspective because Caribbean artists under-represented in the creative industries. After graduating from London College of Fashion in 2016, Jawara decided that all projects he would work on henceforth would be something personal that meant something to him. Projects that would allow him to explore his own perspectives and using this to take his work in other directions. His work has evolved through layers of exploration with each project building on the last. Jawara’s work examines topics of cultural relevance from the perspective of a Jamaican, Caymanian artist and designer. Exploring masculinity and the performance of identity through draping onto the male form. Thus creating a contrast of soft delicate drapes juxtaposed with a feeling of masculinity.

Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters