Madelynn Mae Green

MA Fine Art
Central Saint Martins

Madelynn’s work pulls deeply personal images out of obscurity and reinterprets African-American history through the material language of painting. Her figurative paintings of marginalized narratives explore themes of memory, family and domesticity. When painting, Madelynn references a trove of family photographs and videos, or stages her own domestic or urban scenarios.  She distorts color, scale and composition to create alternative versions of reality. Far from photorealistic, paintings appear clearly fabricated; paint drips, forms are ambiguous and details are omitted. Sometimes she works with one image multiple times to explore the possibilities of narrative interpretation. Madelynn’s practice positions her as a vessel for African-American history. However, precise interpretation is not her goal. Constructing her own narratives helps reclaim black identity and history while exposing the endless interpretations of memory.


Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters