Iyanalu Briggs

BA Photography
London College of Communication

As an artist Moyosore Briggs uses the camera to embody and personify the different emotions and feelings, she keeps buried within herself, either due to societal or simply personal pressure. Through her work she tries to visually express the different sides/facets of herself and also of the people around her. Briggs is quite reserved and so uses photography as a way to open up and communicate with others. As cliché as it may sound, when words fail her, she uses her camera as a medium in which she can speak through a visual language. Briggs works mainly as a portrait photographer, shooting both self-portraits and portraits of others. She shoots mostly portraits of strangers, people she’s never met before or only ever exchanged a few words with. This is because she’s quite interested in how she can represent someone she knows nothing about visually. She enjoys being able to bring her ideas and thoughts to life through someone else, someone she doesn’t know. As a young black artist she also aims to represent the diversity of the black youth around her. She attempts to defy stereotypes and create her own ethereal world within her work using photography, either with highly contrasted black/white images or immersive colourful portraits. She uses photography as a way to lear more about herself and believes once she’s finally learnt all she needs to know, she’ll be able to use her photography to somehow make a change in society.


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