Nas Connie

BA Fashion Photography
London College of Fashion

‘A Seat at the Table’ is a series of images that explores the relationship between Black womxn through their hair. Beginning as group of friends having a small get together while one friend got their hair done Nas took pictures of the process drawn to capturing the nuanced relationships between the womxn in relation to each other as as well themselves. Through this Nas was able to observe intimate bonds formed through the ritualistic process doing of hair and so went on to capture this process with other friends also. Centring around identity and the individual, Nas’ work is a critical exploration of this lived as well as collective experience with a focus on identity within a British diasporic context. When seeking out new subjects ideas are usually born from a constant exploration of self and others using photography and moving image to consider these narratives and relationships. As an extension of Nas’ own gaze she/they set out to unpack the intersections of their own identity as a visual artist in relation to the current cultural context of their work.

Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters