Shaleigha D’Clark

MA + BA Fine Art
Chelsea College of Arts

Rayvenn is a London-born, UK based sculptor, living and working in Central London. Her practice exposes / articulates the black body laid bare - in traction, unencumbered; motivated by issues inherent to the African diaspora - including invisibility vs. hyper- visibility, blackness - seeking an elevation of the black form, by fuelling a discussion of the irregular position of the black-artist, abstracted and marginalised in a male, pale, and stale, whitewashed art-world. Rayvenn also explores the playful theatricality of sculpture, examining the space between objects modelling the real and its ability to usurp the ‘original’ as self-sustaining fictions. Alongside sculptural curatorial considerations - more specifically its critical and vital relationship with space in its pursuit of presence - this has seen her work becoming embedded in the everyday, collective experience, presenting themselves as larger installations - in the creation of objects that are explicit in their political undertones and personal narrative commentary, whilst polarised in their more covert, playful and subtle methods of installation and display.


Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters