BA Graphic Design
Central Saint Martins

Roseanne Ofori-Darkwah is a second year Graphic Communication Design student at Central Saint Martins tries to incorporate all types of mediums associated with Graphic design in her works but has a keen interest in typography and page layout. Roseanne has struggled in how to categorise herself as graphic designer, with not much creative influential people surrounding she finds it odd that she stumbled onto this path. She always found a joy in creating and designing, and wanted to have to this feeling in whatever she pursued. Sometimes, Roseanne feels like a designer her black identity in needs to be explicit in her works and other times she is just simply a designer who happens to be black, and that’s okay. However, she do not want to be seen as the ‘token BAME to prove that there is diversity of some sort. Black designers shouldn’t have to pick between to a typical ‘black’ so should be able to create what their heart desires, Roseanne would like to be able to showcase that in her works or break the mould for others like herself.

Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters