Sandra Poulson

BA Fashion Print
Central Saint Martins

Sandra’s work takes a critical view of social, cultural and behavioural issues, having her experience as a ‘Political Body´ raised in Luanda, as a starting point for the discussions. She thinks of her drawings, mixed media explorations and prints as ´consexual´ challenging and provocative pieces of storytelling that build an extensive narrative about current affairs an social issues of interaction between people. Understand her background in fashion as a tool to discuss issues through different mediums using the body as a liminal space for discussion. Such body, reappears in the work as a canvas for thinking through making, not focusing on the outcome as the artwork, but the research and process as a valid outcome. Sandra’s body of work thus, operates as a land for discussion leading to the artist’s main intent: to trigger conversations and educate people, starting from sex education. As the artist believes ‘It can be the starting point to solve social, health, family and poverty issues. According to the artist, this specific archival piece - “Archive9 “ acts as a documentation of projects such as “The weight of a big dick”, “Hair shame, not anymore” and “Why do people die?”, “Sex education Lecture” amongst others. It emphasizes the interconnectivity between specific micro- aspects of the problem as well as the problem as a whole and the urge to create solutions.

Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters