Shannon Bono

MA Art and Science
Central Saint Martins

Shannon’s art practice is based around black female bodies, how they occupy space and how they are consumed within the past present and future. Through oil paintings, collage and prints she uses anatomical manipulation with portraiture and the human female figure to create a dialogue on universal issues. Shannon also wants to promote uniqueness and beauty through representation and immortalising rich black culture and history. Merging the existing disciplines of art and science as educational means, she provides knowledge on the consumption and perception of black female bodies using an illustrative language. As a young black woman Shannon’s work is also a reflection of personal questions and experiences surrounding the issues of black body politics and by drawing from cultural practices, traditional ideals and historical events to prompt these questions and experiences. Shannon infuses her artworks with surrealist attributes to accurately document the thoughts of the mind. Expressing honesty and sensitive subjects is important in Shannon’s work, it allows the creation of dialogues necessary to then work on improving ourselves and society. Overall her vision to tackle stereo types and bring important social issues to light.

Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters