Tyler Prior

BA Graphic Design
Central Saint Martins

The Duality, Deconstruction, Translation and Reconstruction of instances are the foundations of my work and are derived, not always consciously, from my ‘being’ (Whatever that may mean). Duality; I suppose, comes from being both Chinese and Egyptian but never truly being neither Chinese or Egyptian, which could have influenced my working with image and sound; however, collectively as opposed to identifying comfortably within one single platform. It’s this deconstruction of my immediate environment that set the initial boundaries that either encouraged or forced me to be more reflective when growing up about (not to sound pretentious) who I was or where I belonged. This underpins my relationship with data; how our perceptions of sound and image; our emotions and experiences; and our sense of self can be deconstructed into 0’s and 1’s within the digital sphere. The translation of this reflection sets the scene of a British born mixed race boy striving to belong, perpetually floating between groups of various cultures. There is a parallel within my work where it struggles to find a sense of place, wanting to be both widely accepted/enjoyed yet staying true to its own identity. That identity being process driven, where the data from stage two is the input for my process - this unpredictable, loosely controllable method is what births it’s identity; however, it suffers the duality of not appealing to a wider audience.

Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters