Uzoma Orji

BA Media and Cultural Studies
London College of Communication

My work is deeply informed by my identity as Igbo/Nigeria/African and is concerned with the future of the continent and its people. Is there such a thing as an "African identity"? What does it mean to be African in the post-colonial landscape of the 21st century? How can we overcome our challenges and envision a better future for ourselves? I attempt to explore these questions and more by incorporating elements of perceived "Africanness" in visual media and by conceptualising and depicting African reality(ies) that diverge from the present-day's. YOU ARE THE SOUL OF A NATION serves as a reflection on the youth as the lifeblood of the Nigerian nation. It is important that young Nigerians recognise their power, vibrancy and role in realising a better future for the nation, so that its people can lead more enabled lives.

Design by Anoushka Khandwala + Kelly Walters